Nephrology / Kidney Care

The highly qualified & experienced doctors in hospital provide comprehensive health care for patients with different types of renal ( Kidney) diseases.Acute & Chronic renal diseases caused by diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stone diseases, infection, hereditary illness & poisons are diagnosed & managed…

The Department deals with Diagnosis & Management of…

  • Acute kidney diseases

  • Chronic kidney diseases

  • Diabetic nephropathy

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Hypertension due to renal cause

  • Electrolyte abnormalities

  • Nephrotic syndrome

  • Acute glomerulonephritis

  • End stage renal disease

  • & Other kidney diseases….


As patients with severe degree of kidney failure cannot lead a comfortable life with medications & dietary restrictions alone, they needs a treatment modality known as DIALYSIS, a procedure to purify the blood by removing toxic substances.

The department offers two types of dialysis; Hemodialysis, in which the patient’s blood is filtered by an artificial kidney & Peritoneal dialysis, herein a soft tube called a catheter is used to fill the abdomen with a cleansing liquid called dialysis solution.