Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Orthopaedics is the medical speciality that cares for injuries & diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments & tendons.

In our hospital expert teams specialize in treatments that range from non surgical management up to major surgical afflictions to advanced.

The wide range of services in orthopaedic department in hospital includes the latest in sports medicine and Arthroscopy, Major joint replacements, Bone tumor surgery, Diagnosis & management of arthritis, Rheumatology services, Hand, Shoulder & elbow surgeries, Paediatric orthopaedic surgery, Arthroscopy procedures & Management of acute trauma, Fracture care.

The hospital have finest orthopaedic surgeons, & also has well equipped, high tech, state of the art operating rooms.

We also have in-house diagnostics that deliver complete safety & ensure the highest quality of care.